Our Mascots

This guy came into our life in 2013 after a friend of a friend couldn’t take care of him. We were kinda on the fence about getting a pet but after seeing his picture we knew we had to have him.
The big day came for us to pick him up.  We saw this little guy running around; well actually he jumped out the car and took off running. Everyone starting chasing him and my daughter (the human child) thought it was the funniest thing. We finally cornered him, our eyes met and the (puppy) love affair began. Our family would not be complete without him.
Lennon enjoys his day lying around and only moving to go for walk or when he hears someone in the kitchen.

Jackson is a Brussels Griffon who knows he rules the world.  He came into our lives as a complete accident as the best things usually do.  He’s a vocal little spirit with great courage and a sweet demeanor.  His greatest flaw is his ever-demanding need to be cuddled! Fifi is nothing less than a queen!  Her tiny stature holds her to no boundaries; she’s fearless and boogie (borderline rude).  Allowing some time to show her sweetness and share her kind but distant love.  Fifi’s story goes a little deeper and allows some insight to her extreme attitude.  Her family abandoned this sweet girl after being under nourished and abused.  She developed kidney issues and was in dire need of surgery, the family couldn’t/wouldn’t take responsibility for her needs.  The kind-hearted people at White Rock Vet. in Pflugerville saw her potential and brought her back to health.  After Krystal met Sarah Miller the match seemed perfect and 4 weeks later they became a family.  Fifi now lives a lavish life with her new brother Jackson and new home.  She thrives more and more each day, as does her attitude. 


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